Brooklyn College Web Developer / Technical Project Manager

Academic Information Technologies

Brooklyn College Libary

This is an example from the late 1990s. I took a series of web pages which were created by network administrators and not only created a modern design presentation but drastically changed the organizational structure underlying the site.

The two images at the left, Academic Information Technologies, and the Brooklyn College Library, show the revamped design.

The existing site was broken into several sites. The request for the Academic Information Technology site (AIT) was to be “new” and “intriguing.” It was to show how Brooklyn College was going to be at the forefront of technology.

The primary UX failure for both projects, from a present-day perspective, was that there not enough push-back on management’s insistence of displaying organizational structure and labeling. Also, from today’s perspective these sites had little to no interaction; but, at the time, the complex table layout; the use of rollovers, skeuomorphic buttons, deep linking and use of breadcrumbs were cutting edge.