GHCM Senior Information Architect / Web Developer

The primary focus was on internal applications: income-expense reporting tools, employee timekeeping, inventory management systems; email templating applications, and other business specific applications.

Email Templating System

The email template system allowed users to select among numerous mailing lists, visual templates and content. There were also standard and seasonal templates. Email lists could be sorted according to customer’s buying habits (designer, style, size, season, occasion).


Income-Expense Reporting Tool

The problem faced was presenting large amounts of data, with different views of the same data. Store managers and bookkeepers/accountants did not conceive of, nor organize the data in the same way. The app allowed directors, store managers, accountants, and bookkeeping staff to interact with the data.

Users needed to quickly go from an accounting view to store management views as well as compare the Year-over-Year performance of the various stores and the company at large.

Store portal with CMS and inventory control system. The Inventory Control System had to be easy to use for distinctly computer phobic individuals.

Two interfaces were created. The first was an expert level allowing users to quickly see and enter all information. Information was grouped logically but the primary goal was reducing time inputting data.

The second interface attempted to drastically reduce cognitive load and input error. Individuals using this path were much slower, much more deliberate than ‘expert’ users.

The GHCM Corporate Site
Blue Rose
The external web sites functioned as portals and were not complex as regards UX. They had little public facing interactions.